Notes G1

1 Material: OSB

2 Size: 67.3cm H x 204.8cm L x 48.3cm D (2.2’ x 7’ x 1.6’)

Mis Jarrones

The project owes its existence to a persistent effort to achieve the integration of two of my main creative interests: digital technologies and traditional handcraft culture; the CNC and Mexican pottery in this case.
Simultaneously I wanted it to comply with my idea of using low cost, sustainable, recycled or recyclable materials where both the design and concept should shine a new light on the use or re-use of these mostly perceived as low-value materials.

This is how “Mis Jarrones” (My Vessels) came to life. Combining tradition with technology and new materials conception.

The CNC is not only used as the tool to make these objects, but it is part of the puzzling aesthetic of the pieces. The Vessels are seemingly incomplete CNC vessels, that’s why they are still attached to the “stock” block from where they were being carved out. At the same time, on the inside, the vessels show a complete hollow vessel form which contrasts with their exterior and so a conundrum is created given what one can do with the CNC.

Mis Jarrones G1 portrays a small monument to the graceful warm shapes of Mexican ceramics.